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Wild Iris Books Announces Regular Hours - Starting July 2

This is it...  

The post we’ve been waiting to write for months...

Wild Iris Books is resuming normal business hours on Tuesday, July 2.  We’ll be here to serve all your literary needs Tuesday thru Saturday from 1-8pm.

We envisioned a different opening, joining you last spring in our new home.  But the universe has its own time schedule and things always work out as they should.  We’ve enjoyed the break - traveling, having dinner with friends at non-events, and reading books on our lists. But now we’re back.  We’ll be opening and building as we go, things will be changing and morphing as we experiment with our new digs.  Come by and give us your input and help us build our inventory wish lists. So here are the basics:
  • Tuesday – Saturday, 1- 8pm
  • Cash Only for a Short Time – (Though you can use the computer in the store to order online with a debit or credit card while you chat with us if you need!)
  • 22 SE 5th Ave, Ste D

Also – we’ll be hanging around for Artwalk this Friday night, so visit us and all the other amazing businesses in the area that are featuring local artists, music and flare. To our local vendors and consignment artists: We’re hammering out the last details in the new contracts and once we get all the merchandise and furniture settled – we’ll be contacting you to set up in the new shop. To our current and future volunteers: Next week we’ll be tightening up the training modules, creating some videos to help you all out and in about a week or two we’ll make a call for you all to sign up for training on the new system.  Still though, don’t wait for that to stop by and see us! To those who want a party: Don’t worry, come Fall when all is in place and running smoothly, the sun slows down and our campus folk are back in town – there will be some massive celebration, in fact there will probably be several... Find your favorite way to keep in touch with us, Facebook, Twitter, Newsletters, etc, so you don’t miss the all the updates and changes!


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